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After Bob Evans for a very late breakfast, we drove to downtown Sandusky just to look around and see what’s what. It was a cool, gray day with intermittent drizzle, but it was pleasant walking around. We strolled out to a promenade on the water (Jackson Street Pier?) where we watched gulls and a crane, peered over at Cedar Point and it’s many looping coasters, and just enjoyed the peacefulness of the wide expanse of bay. J.Hooligan took his digital camera around taking many interesting photos. S.Hooligan just annoyed everyone; we kept our eyes on her to make sure she didn’t pitch headfirst into the bay. (Diamondqueen got up from a bench and turned back just in time to see S. licking the bench. Gotta watch that girl like a hawk…)

Sandusky has a beautiful modern plaza with a fountain, while all around are these fascinating old buildings from several eras. Water Street with its ancient-looking stone foundations reminded me, for some reason, of Savannah. We entered the foyer of a grand-looking movie theater from more elegant times. J.Hooligan seemed disbelieving that there were such buildings for just going to see movies. We couldn’t get into the theater proper, but there was a gift shop off to the side where S.Hooligan fell in love with a black labrador hand puppet and whined and howled about it through the streets of Sandusky.

We had spotted a metaphysical shop near the lot where we parked, so we stopped in there. Buying a couple of new stones distracted S. from her tears over the dog puppet; she rebounded to become cheerfully obnoxious, making the clerk in the store laugh to a point. (By the time we left, though, the clerk told Shannon, “I’m going to take back that sucker I gave her.” She was kidding only in part.)

Driving back to Great Wolf Lodge, we saw some spectacular houses and mansions. I could have been entertained endlessly just by driving around and looking at architecture. Back at the lodge, Diamondqueen and S.Hooligan went to the arcade. J.Hooligan couldn’t wait to play a dinosaur game on his hand-held unit, and I caught up on the computer. I took a lovely nap on the couch after Diamondqueen and S. returned. By 4:30 we were heading to the water attractions again. I swam for awhile in the lazy river with S., then sat reading Thurber while “keeping an eye” on J., who was going down the big slide over and over.

We went out for a late dinner around 7:30. Too hungry to care, Diamondqueen and I spotted an Applebee’s, so we went there, much to the kids’ delight. I got a frozen margarita which tasted wonderful but gave me no buzz at all, to the point I wondered if there was any real tequila in it. S.Hooligan was high-spirited throughout the meal. At one point she was playing with Diamondqueen’s sunglasses. I told her to watch out, she was getting fingerprints all over them. She slipped them on, glowered at me, and drawled, “There’s a new sheriff in town.” I nearly choked on a piece of burger that caught in my throat while I was laughing.

Then tragedy struck. S.Hooligan had gotten a cheap ring out of a gumball machine yesterday at Otay’s Pizza which she treasured and made over in the ensuing 30 hours or so. She’d been talking about the ring at dinner, and apparently she put it down on the table and forgot it when we left. We were almost back to the lodge when she shrieked that she didn’t have her ring and sobbed as only S. can sob.

We turned around and headed back to Applebee’s. The hostess accompanied me back to our table, which had been partially cleared. We found the little bottle of hand sanitizer J. had left behind, but no ring, not even under the table. I wanted to see if the server had found it, but the hostess wasn’t at all encouraging, saying they probably wouldn’t save something like that if it was obviously worthless, or it might have even been scooped up with the trash and thrown away. S.Hooligan was inconsolable, but started coming out of it when Diamondqueen said she could have this dippy chenille worm toy she’d seen in the lodge gift shop.

We made it back to the lodge just in time to get the worm and then find places for the 9:00 animatronic show. It was just me and S., and she insisted I sit on the floor with her. The show was lame and boring, although S. seemed to pay attention throughout. Then it was back to the room for a round of baths, TV, and generally pestering. The kids finally gave up around 11:40 and turned in to their “wolf den,” although J.Hooligan continued to play dinosaurs in bed.


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