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Geez, what a month March has been! First, I’m going to be whiney about how many hours I’ve been putting in at work. And the sorry part of it is, I felt as if I wasn’t seeing any results all those nights I stayed until 7 o’clock or later, or those weekends I brought work home. I have to start cutting back because it really is all having a counterproductive effect on me. I’m worn out, in a state that’s comparable to being drunk (without the booze or the fun).

Not that it’s been great for others in the family. My mother had surgery last week. Thankfully, she’s doing okay now, although she’s still cautious about what she does and how long she does it. Tonight I took a Dewey’s pizza to her house for dinner — she ate half an 11″ pie, the most she’s eaten at one time in over a week — and we took a short ride. She doesn’t think she’ll be up to lunch out this Saturday, but we’re hoping she’ll feel like going for our weekly soda at the Loveland creamy whip.

Poor Diamondqueen. The big blizzard of 2008 struck the day before her birthday and wiped out most of our celebration plans. She and S.Hooligan and Mom did make it out for brunch that Friday, getting home just as the first snowflakes were falling. Mom had to cancel the Servatti’s cake she’d ordered — how sad is that? — but Diamondqueen had the good sense to go pick up a cake over the counter before the snow hit. She and the family weathered the storm with a chocolate sheet cake decorated for St. Patrick’s Day with walloping dollops of frosting. Diamondqueen was able to make it to Mom’s for lunch and gifts the day after her birthday, on Sunday, and we took her out for her big lunch the following weekend. But there’s just something about getting snowed in on your birthday, and by an actual blizzard at that…

Last week, the same night Mom spent in the hospital, with Diamondqueen doing all the waiting room duty plus running to Mom’s to let Rusty out and feed him, the mammoth rainstorm was moving through. I worked until 9:30 that night (Mom doesn’t like visitors when she isn’t feeling well, but I still resented not getting to stop by to see her) and drove home in the deluge, nearly turning my car over when I cut too close to a traffic island. It felt as if I was doing a Dukes of Hazzard two-wheel stunt, although I probably just bumped hard. Diamondqueen drove home from the hospital in that rain as well — and faced having to cope with a flooded basement. She and That Poor Man got up and down all night when the water alarm went off, running the dry vac and soaking up water with towels which Diamondqueen would then toss in the dryer to get them ready for the next skirmish.

When Diamondqueen first arrived home from the hospital, exhausted from the medical ordeals with our mother and confronted with the watery disaster in the basement, she sat down on the futon in the family room and sobbed. J.Hooligan approached her with huge eyes and asked, “What’s the matter? Did Grandma die?” It’s been hard for everyone.

And yet, amidst blizzards and floods and medical procedures and ruined birthdays, spring arrived. I’m sure something nasty and surprising still lies ahead weather-wise, but for now it’s warm out and the daffodils are starting to bloom. We didn’t even have crocuses popping up through the snow this year, so the sight of life and color erupting here and here and here is very hopeful. Especially after the kind of winter we’ve had this year.

And Opening Day for the Reds is Monday! Signs of spring indeed…

Note: The flowers above are a detail from an Easter embroidery I did a year ago. Oh, yeah — we had Easter, didn’t we…


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